Scholarship AFLI - Portuguese

African Flagship Languages Initiative (AFLI) applicants for Portuguese participate in the official summer AFLI program at the University of Florida, as well as the official fall AFLI program in Mozambique, administered by American Councils for International Education and hosted at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane.

These programs are appropriate for those with no previous experience in the language, as well as those at a novice or intermediate level. While the Boren Awards encourage all applicants to participate in both the summer and fall programs, those who are at an ACTFL intermediate-mid or above level, may skip the summer program.

Applicants should note that the summer and fall programs are full-time language and culture programs. Applicants are encouraged to request funding to stay in Mozambique after the fall program is complete. During that time, students participate in study abroad programs that they identify on their own and note in the Boren application. These programs must include language learning opportunities.

Application Instructions

Boren Scholarship applicants interested in the AFLI should follow the regular application instructions, while also following the below guidelines.

Study Abroad Program and Budget

  • If you are planning to extend into the spring program, choose “yes” for “Are you planning on participating in separate study abroad programs.”
  • Select “African Flagship Languages Initiative” as your preferred study abroad program sponsor.
  • Enter AFLI as your preferred study abroad program name.
  • Select Universidade Eduardo Mondlane as the overseas institution.
  • Enter 8/14/18 as the overseas start date.
  • Enter 11/22/18 as the overseas end date, if you are not going to extend into the spring. Use the appropriate overseas end date for your full program, if you are going to extend into the spring.
  • DO NOT include the dates for the summer program. (For your information, the start date will be June 6.)
  • Choose the appropriate language.
  • Select “yes” for “Are you applying for African Flagship Languages Initiative.”
  • Choose “yes” for the following question, indicating that you will participate in the summer program.  (unless your proficiency allows you to skip the summer program).
  • If you are planning to extend into the spring, on a program you are selecting yourself, complete the “study abroad program II” section.
  • DO NOT complete the alternate study abroad program section.
  • DO NOT include any summer costs in your budget (the Boren Scholarship will fully fund the summer program as an additional supplement to the overseas funding.)
  • If your overseas program will be fall-only, enter $0 as all of your costs (the Boren Scholarship will fully fund the fall program).
  • If you are planning to extend past 11/22/2018, enter your overseas budget for 11/23/2018 through the end of your proposed dates. 
  • The Boren Awards do not cover visa or residency permit fees.

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