Boren Scholarship Recommendation and Language Proficiency Evaluation


As a Boren Scholarship applicant, you are required to submit two letters of recommendation, and you may submit a third. All letters must be submitted through the online application.

Recommendations should:

  • Be academic and comment on your academic, linguistic, and personal preparation for the study abroad program, especially as they relate to the Boren Scholarship objectives.
  • Speak to your ability to carry out you proposed study abroad plan, your U.S. national security argument and your career interests.
  • The third letter of recommendation is optional and should only be submitted if you believe it will strengthen your application. It can come from another professor or from a non-college level language instructor, such as a high school language teacher or a private tutor, relevant work or internship experience.

For strong recommendations:

  • Give the person adequate time to complete the letter. Recommenders who do not have ample time may neglect valuable details when writing the letter.
  • Explain what the Boren Scholarship is and why you have decided to apply.
  • Visit potential recommenders during office hours to discuss the award.
  • Provide a resume or short biography along with the Boren Scholarship essays.
  • Send a friendly reminder about the competition to recommenders, if necessary, in order to ensure that letters are completed on time. 

The Recommendation form asks recommenders the following questions:

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
  2. Please comment on the applicant’s academic, linguistic, and personal preparation for the study abroad program, especially as they relate to Boren Scholarship objectives. If possible, comment on the applicant’s understanding of the relationship between his or her study abroad program and U.S. national security, broadly defined, as well as his or her career interests.
  3. Please add anything else that you think is relevant for the reviewers to know.

Language Proficiency Evaluation

This optional evaluation is part of the online application. It may be completed by a language instructor who can assess your level in the language you have chosen to study during your Boren funded program. If you have not yet begun to study the proposed language, your application should not include the language proficiency form. The language professor should assess your language level based the LinguaFolio® Self-Assessment guide and will comment on:

Interpretive Listening
Interpretive Reading
Interpersonal Person to Person Communication
Presentations Spoken Production
Presentations Written Production

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