2016 Boren Scholarship In-Program Requirements Checklist

While on the overseas Boren funded program Boren Scholars must fulfill certain requirements in order to receive their in-program disbursements. Upload all required documents to the Self-Service Portal by the due date listed below. 

Click here for a PDF version of the In-Program Checklist

For Domestic Programs (only AFLI and SAFLI)

A. Due one week after the end of your domestic program end date

For Overseas Programs 

A. Due two days after your arrival in your host country (for all Scholars):

  • Grantee Residence Contact Inforamtion: See an example of a complete Grantees Residence contact, click here.

B.  Due 30 days after the start of your overseas program (for all Scholars):

C. Due six weeks before third payment (only for Boren Scholars going on an overseas program for six months or longer):

  • Updated Return Ticket: Only if you did not previously submit your return ticket.
  • Mid-Term Program Report: Downloads reports in PDF or Fillable Word

If you are unable to upload your documents into the Self-Service Portal or are concerned about due dates, please contact our office at boren@iie.org or 1-800-618-NSEP.

Boren Scholarship Pre-Program Checklist

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