Boren Scholarship SSP Instructions

Nearly all requirements must be uploaded into your Self-Service Portal (SSP) account for review. Once items are uploaded into the Self-Service Portal, IIE staff review and either approve or reject based on the contents of the item and requirement.

How do I login to the Self-Service Portal?
Your user ID is the email address you used in your Boren Scholarship application. To obtain a password, click on forget password and enter your e-mail address. A password will be e-mailed to you.

How do I upload documents into the Self-Service Portal?
Log in to the Self-Service Portal and click on "Programs" near the top of the page. On the Self-Service Portal page, scroll down and click on "Boren Scholarships" next to your grantee information (Country, Program, etc.). This will take you to a new page where you will click on "Add New Document" found near the bottom

Under New Document Upload, identify what the document is (i.e. US Passport) in the "Document Name" box. Then choose a "Document Category" from the drop down menu (i.e. passport). Next, choose whether this is a domestic or overseas requirement in the "Domestic/Overseas" box. Next click “Browse” to choose and upload your document and finally hit “Save”.

The system will confirm that the document was uploaded successfully, but you can also check by going back to “Programs” and choosing “Boren Scholarships” to see all of your uploaded documents. You can click on your document to confirm it was uploaded and check its status.  Please do not email our office to confirm that the system has uploaded your document and allow at least two business days for a status change to appear in the SSP. If your document is approved or denied, you will receive an automated email with an explanation. Do not respond to this automated email directly. If you have any questions please email

How do I categorize documents in the Self-Service Portal?
Correctly categorizing your documents when you upload them to the SSP will prevent delays in processing and in the long term prevent delays in your payment. Visit this categorization document for information on document categories.

Please note that for all Boren Scholars, the type of document will be "Overseas". Only for Boren AFLI Scholars, who participate in both domestic and overseas programs, some documents will be "Domestic".

What makes a valid document?
In order for a document to be valid, it must fulfill certain requirements:

  • must be written in English (including letters of affiliation from foreign institutions)
  • must be rotated correctly (title at the top of the page) and readable
  • contain only one attachment per document type (unless IIE staff has requested additional documentation), so if document has more than one page, it must be combined to one individual PDF, not eight separate JPGs
  • document size limited to 8MG.

How do I upload contact information into the Self-Service Portal?
Log in to the Self-Service Portal, hover over the “My Details” tab until the “Addresses” option appears and click on “Addresses”. Add addresses by clicking on “Add Additional Addresses” at the bottom of the page.

One on the “Address Information” page, choose a Boren Address Type. The format of the page will change depending on your address type. Complete all information with an asterisk (*). When finished, click “Save” at the bottom of the page. Once the information is saved, you will be directed to a confirmation page.

Your contact information entries will have 1 of 4 possible “Valid” statuses. If the “Valid” column for your entry is:

  • Empty, this means IIE staff has not reviewed your information yet
  • Temporary, this means IIE staff has reviewed your information but it has only been approved until your “Effective End Date” if that date is before your Boren end date on record. You will have to update this entry by your “Effective End Date” to be eligible to receive payments after that date
  • Yes, this means IIE staff has approved your entry
  • No, this means IIE staff has reviewed your entry but there was missing information

To see instructions with visuals, click here.
How do I check the status of materials I’ve submitted?
Boren Scholarship recipients are responsible for being aware of their program requirements, deadlines, and status. In order to determine which requirements are due or overdue please check your Self-Service Portal account against your pre-, in- or post-program checklists and your individualized disbursement schedule (in the SSP) for more information. Please keep in mind that you should also check your document notes (sent in your approved/rejected emails) and “valid” dates for your contact information and pre-program requirements.

Once you have uploaded your program requirements to the SSP account there are 1 of 3 possible “Review and Approval” statuses.

  • Empty, this means IIE staff has not reviewed your submitted document.
  • Rejected (see EXAMPLE), this means IIE staff has reviewed your submitted document but was unable to approve it due to missing information, improper formatting, or other error. This will typically be accompanied with an email offering an explanation for the rejection or with further instructions.
  • Approved (see EXAMPLE), this means IIE staff have reviewed your submitted document and approved it until the “Valid Until” date. The “Valid Until” date is a critical part of the approval process. If the “Valid Until” date is-
    • beyond your Boren Program End Date then no further action is needed
    • before your Boren Program End Date then you are required to update your requirement by the “Valid Until” date indicated to be eligible to receive payments after that date.

It is advised that Boren Scholarship recipients check their SSP account at least one month prior to their disbursement month while in program in order to be aware of any upcoming requirements that may delay their payments.

To see an example with visual click here.
What do I do if a document was rejected?
If a document was rejected, you should receive an email notifying you of the rejection with an explanation as to why it was rejected. You will need to rectify the missing or improper information and re-upload the document to the Self-Service Portal for review.

If you are unable to upload your documents into the Self-Service Portal or are concerned about due dates, please contact our office at or 1-800-618-NSEP.

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