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Boren Scholarships for The Language Flagship

The Language Flagship, an NSEP initiative, takes an innovative approach to foreign language teaching and learning in the United States. It is designed to help students achieve superior-level proficiency in critical languages. Flagship students participate in intensive language programs offered at selected undergraduate institutions.

Students who are currently enrolled in The Language Flagship are encouraged to apply for the Boren Scholarship to provide funding for academic year study at the appropriate overseas Flagship center or institution. The Boren Scholarship can provide up to $25,000 for an academic year overseas.

In order to apply for a Boren Scholarship, you should:

  • Verify that you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate Flagship program. Other undergraduate students, including non-Flagship students enrolled in Flagship institutions, may not participate in overseas Flagship programs.
  • Watch our Flagship-specific webinar on applying for the Boren Scholarships (coming soon).
  • Talk to your on-campus Flagship advisor, as well as your Boren Awards campus representative. They can both work with you to ensure the strongest application possible. Your campus representative will also conduct an on-campus review of your application.
  • All overseas Flagship Capstone programs meet the Boren Awards eligibility requirements. However, responding effectively to the Boren Awards essays on national security and public service will be critical to your success.
  • Complete the proposed program section of the online application.
    • Choose “The Language Flagship” as your study abroad program sponsor.
    • Enter “The Language Flagship” as your preferred study abroad program name.
    • Choose the correct overseas institution - i.e. Nanjing University - from the institution list.
    • Indicate that you are currently in an undergraduate Language Flagship program.
  • Do NOT select an alternate study abroad program.
  • Please note: If you are recommended for the Boren Scholarship to fund your Flagship capstone year, any Boren funding is contingent upon your admittance to and participation in that overseas Flagship program.

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