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University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2441 E. Hartford Avenue Garland Hall 138
Milwaukee , WI 53211
United States
Wisconsin US

On-Campus Scholarship Deadline

Date: January 08, 2018


Complete applications must be submitted by January 8, 2018 at 4pm.  If you have non-electronic files, please drop them off in Garland 138.  Applications will be reviewed, and candidates should expect a professional interview with the panel of On-Campus Reviewers before January 19, 2018.

Applicants will be able to revise their essays after the campus review, but must submit the completed applications by Monday, February 5.  

UWM will send any non-electronic application materials to the Boren national office by the national deadline.

On-Campus Fellowship Deadline:

Date: December 01, 2017


Boren Scholarship Advisor
Ms. Sue Conway
Study Abroad Administrator
(414) 229-4846
Center for International Education
Garland Hall, Room 138 P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee , WI 53201
United States