Campus Information

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

340 Victoria Road
Asheville , NC 28801
United States
North Carolina US

On-Campus Scholarship Deadline

No On-campus Scholarship deadline

On-Campus Fellowship Deadline:

No On-Campus Fellowship deadline


This school does not have a campus representative for either the Boren Scholarship or Fellowhsip.

You my still apply for the Boren Scholarship without the campus representative review. Please complete the online application by the national deadline date. Send all supplementary materials to:

Boren Scholarships:

Institute Of International Education

1400 K St. NW Suite 650

Washington, DC 20005

Graduate Students:
Boren Fellowships do not have an on-campus deadline. Please complete the online appication for the Boren Fellowships by the national deadline date. Send supplementary materials to:

Boren Fellowships

Institute of International Educations

1400 K St. NW Suite 650

Washington, DC 20005

Should you have any questions about the Boren Scholarship or Fellowship, contact us at 1-800-618-6737 or