Scholarship FAQ's

These are the Frequently Asked Questions for the Boren Scholarship

3. Am I eligible to apply if my school has not appointed a Boren campus representative?

Yes. Every year there are applicants for the Boren Scholarship who do not have a campus representative. Successful applicants often find someone to work with them on campus, such as a study abroad, fellowships, or departmental advisor. You can always contact IIE directly for assistance (1-800-618-NSEP or

2. When is my on-campus deadline?

The Boren campus representative at your institution will set your on-campus application deadline. The campus deadline will be earlier than the national deadline in order to allow time for the on-campus review of Boren Scholarship applications. Most institutions set an on-campus deadline between mid-December and late January, but you should contact your Boren campus representative immediately for the campus deadline at your institution.


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