Scholarship FAQ's

These are the Frequently Asked Questions for the Boren Scholarship

22. Are there other scholarships available for study abroad?

Yes. It may be to your advantage to combine funding from two or more scholarship programs. Therefore, Boren Scholarship applicants may apply for and receive scholarship funding in addition to the Boren award. Boren Scholars who are selected to receive other scholarship funding to support their study abroad must notify IIE about their award(s). In some cases, reduced financial need as a result of increased scholarship support may impact the amount of the Boren Scholarship.

20. May I receive more than one National Security Education Program (NSEP) award?

All recipients may only receive one Boren Scholarship; however, if the award was initially for one semester, the student may request an extension for a second semester. Designation of second term awards will be based on performance and availability of funds.

Boren Scholarship recipients who pursue a graduate degree are eligible to apply for the Boren Fellowship

19. I currently work for the federal government. Can I apply for the National Security Education Program?

Current employees of the federal government may apply for a Boren Scholarship. Recipients of the award, however, may not be employees of a federal agency during their Boren-funded study period. A Scholar who was previously an employee of the federal government must provide proof that he or she is separated from the agency. In addition, ROTC students, military reservists, and members of the National Guard must confirm inactive, non-drilling status during the Boren-funded period.

17. I have never traveled or studied abroad before. Should I apply?

Yes. In fact, you are encouraged to apply. One of the objectives of the Boren Scholarship is to expand international educational opportunities for students who have not studied abroad and who may require financial assistance to do so. Please work closely with your study abroad office and your Boren campus representative who can provide support as you apply for scholarship assistance. You can also contact IIE at or 1-800-618-NSEP (6737) with questions about the application process.

15. May I be considered for a scholarship before I have been accepted to a study abroad program or foreign university?

Yes. We recognize that many students will submit applications to specific study abroad programs and the Boren Scholarship simultaneously, with expected notification for each at a different date. Students who are awarded the Boren Scholarship must furnish IIE with evidence of acceptance to the study abroad program for which they applied before they can receive any funding.

14. May I apply to study in a country with a State Department Travel Warning?

Yes. The policy of IIE and NSEP is to allow Boren Scholars to study in countries with State Department Travel Warnings, if their home institutions’ policies allow for such study. If you wish to study in one of these countries, you must sign a waiver, and the appropriate official from your home institution must document the institution’s policy and compliance with our institutional travel warning form before the overseas program begins.


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