The On-Campus Review Process

Set the On-Campus Deadline

Each campus sets an on-campus deadline for the Boren Fellowship and the Boren Scholarship. Because every institution is different, you will likely consider the schedule and culture of your campus when setting the deadlines.

General Timing:

  • Scholarship On-Campus Deadline: Between mid-December and late-January
  • Fellowship On-Campus Deadline: Between mid-December and mid-January
  • Email us at if you would like to update your on-campus deadline

Other Considerations:

  • The deadline should be set in a way that allows you and/or your committee time to interview applicants and provide them valuable application feedback, while motivating them to finish the application by the national deadline. Remember, the deadline for campus representatives to submit your reviews is always two business days after the national deadline, so you will have time to complete the online on-campus review.
  • Some campus representatives find it best to have an early application deadline, which allows time to review and provide feedback to the applicants, who can then revise their applications during the winter break. Other campus representatives set a later on-campus deadline, because they have been working with the applicants “off-line” prior to the deadline. In those cases, they often expect that the final application will be submitted by the on-campus deadline.
  • Depending on the size of your application pool, you may want to be flexible with your deadline. Institutions without a strong history of Boren applicants often find that this works best.
  • You do not need to review the applications for students who do not meet your application deadline, but they are allowed to apply on their own. However, we know that better applications come from students who work with their campus representatives!

Read and Review Each Application

Each application should be forwarded to the committee members with an on-campus evaluation form. It is recommended that you form a campus review committee consisting of two to five individuals who represent a cross-section of departments and academic fields. An individual review can replace the campus committee at the discretion of the campus representative.

Interview Applicants

Please remember that on-campus interviews are the only time in the application process that a student has an opportunity to present him or herself personally. At a minimum, each applicant should be interviewed by at least one person (campus representative, committee member, or academic advisor).

Rate Applicants

Reviewers are asked to rate each applicant using the on-campus evaluation form (5 = Exceptional, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Average, 2 = Fair, 1 = Not Recommended, 0 = Did not Review). This process requires rating, not ranking, of each student according to the criteria presented. After each committee member has rated a student, you should average all scores for that student and submit them online. Since the same regional review panel will not review all the applications from your institution, small increments in ratings or a ranking of your candidates are not meaningful. The composite rating and the reviewers’ comments should then be submitted online. Please keep in mind that numbered scores without comments are of little value to the review committees.

Resources for the On-Campus Review

As the campus representative, you can view a list of current applicants from your school Including status and email addresses) during the application season. Boren Scholarship Campus Representatives will only see Scholarship applicants listed and Boren Fellowship campus representatives will only see Fellowship applications listed. If you work with both awards, you will see all applicants.

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