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2022 Boren Awardees

Self-Service Portal

Click here to read instructions on how to access and use the self-service portal. All documentation required is outlined in the checklists below. Direct link: 


The following resources have been developed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Boren policies and procedures, helpful tips for your time abroad, and initial guidelines for your post-program job search. Please review them carefully and reach out to your advisor if you have any questions!

  • Pre-Program Checklist (2022): This document will be your guide for all requirements prior to the start of your program. Please read thoroughly and ensure you meet the deadlines as listed.
  • Pre-Program Checklist Due Date Reference & Calculator: This Excel file can be used to calculate when most of your forms will be due based on your overseas start date. 
  • In-Program Checklist (2022): This is your guide for Boren requirements from the start to the finish of your Boren-funded period, including information on your initial and midterm reports.
  • Post-Program Checklist (2022): This is your guide for Boren requirements due once you complete your program. We encourage you to review it towards the end of your program so you are aware of what's ahead, including information about your final report.
  • Boren iSOS Registration Instructions: Please review these guidelines for registering for International SOS for your Boren overseas study.
  • Boren Scholars and Fellows Handbook: Please refer to the 2022 handbook for Boren policies and procedures as well as tips for making the most of your experience abroad. You are required to review all policies and procedures outlined in this handbook. Failure to follow Boren policy could lead to a decrease in award amount or dismissal from the program. Please reach out to your Boren advisor with any questions you may have. 


2020 and 2021 Boren Awardees (deferred) 

Please reference the most updated checklists and policy documents listed above as well as communications directly from the Boren Awards. If you have questions about your award, please reach out directly to your Boren advisor.

Boren Scholarships Maximum Award Amounts:

  • 8-11 weeks: $8,000 (STEM majors only)
  • 12-24 weeks: $12,500
  • 25-52 weeks: $25,000

Boren Fellowships Maximum Award Amounts:

  • 12-24 weeks: $12,500
  • 25-52 weeks: $25,000
Grantee Advisors by Regional and Initiative

Please reach out to the appropriate advisor for any funding, policy, or Boren program questions you may have!

Photo Uploads

We depend on our Boren Scholars and Fellows to help us advertise the Boren Awards by showing prospective applicants what your experiences overseas are like. Please consider uploading photos of your time abroad to IIE's Media Port.