Boren Ambassador Program

As a Boren Awardee have you ever:

Wanted more opportunities to share your overseas experience with others?  

Wished to speak to someone who has "been there" on a Boren overseas?

Wondered what resources are available to you in your federal job search?


As a Boren Ambassador you have the opportunity to learn the answers to these questions as well as help others traverse the Boren Award experience!


The Boren Scholarship and Fellowship office at the Institute of International Education (IIE), in collaboration with the National Security Education Program (NSEP) sponsor and the Boren Forum alumni association, is excited to invite eager and innovative Boren Awardees to apply for the Boren Ambassador Program.



The Boren Ambassador Program offers awardees who will have returned to the U.S. by July 2015, the opportunity to engage with the wider Boren network, gain specialized professional development, and give back to their community. The Boren office at IIE will provide resources, training, and support to selected Ambassadors in order to engage their communities in Boren outreach activities. Participation in this initiative does not count toward the Boren federal service requirement; however, it will equip Ambassadors with the necessary skills to gain federal employment.


Selection Criteria

IIE is looking for enthusiastic and motivated Boren awardees who are not just willing, but eager to make a difference in their community through Boren outreach. Awardees are selected based on-

  1. the merit of their responses to the application survey,
  2. their unique and diversifying personal factors, and
  3. their enthusiasm in having a greater role in the Boren community.

Along with developing their own professional portfolio and promoting the Boren Awards, the Boren Ambassadors would also be working to increase study abroad opportunities for others.


Dates and Deadline

The deadline to apply has passed.

The Boren Ambassador Program is a 1 year active commitment beginning with training in July (see the Activity Timeline for more detail). If you have any questions about the Boren Ambassador Program please contact



Activity Timeline and Descriptions

May 2015

  • Applications Due by May 15: Complete the online survey by the deadline.
  • Notification of Application Status Sent by May 29: All applicants will receive a notice of their status. Selected candidates will be assigned online interview dates and times.

June 2015

  • Skype Interviews with Selected Candidates between June 10-24: Boren Staff will conduct candidate interviews online.

July 2015

  • Boren Ambassadors Annouced by July 1: All selected Ambassadors will be notified of their status by email. Materials and resources will be provided in the Ambassador Information Packet.
  • Online Group Training Workshops (dates TBD): online tranings will be provided in order to prepare Ambassadors for outreach activities. Training topics may include:
    • How to Conduct Boren Information Sessions 
    • Event Planning and Public Speaking for Campus Engagement
    • The Boren Service Requirement Information Session
    • Translating the Overseas Experience for Your Federal Job Search and Resume
    • Extending Your Boren Experience: Information Session on Other Scholarships and Fellowships

August 2015

  • New Boren Awardee and Applicant Advising Begins: Ambassadors will connect with new Boren Awardees on Facebook, by email and on campus to answer questions as they begin their overseas period. Ambassadors will also begin engaging with potential applicants on local campuses.
  • Boren Campus Representative Engagement Starts: Throughout the engagement period Ambassadors are encouraged to collaborate with local Boren Campus Represenatives in Boren outreach activities.
  • Community Outreach Begins: Ambassadors are encouraged to think in and outside the box when it comes to coordinating and attending events to promote Boren. Such events could include presentations at conferences, class or club meetings, hosting workshops on writing Boren essays, or a number of other innovative outreach activities.

September - November 2015

  • Attend Boren Seminar in Washington DC, September 17-18 (if applicable): You may have the opportunity to attend the Boren Seminar for returned Boren Awardees in order to network with NSEP and IIE staff, meet with the directors of the Boren Forum alumni group, interact with Boren Awardee peers, and potentially meet with the NSEP Board of Directors.
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Ambassador Meeings with Boren Staff via Skype: IIE staff will check in with individual Ambassadors once a month to discuss outreach initiatives and job/scholarship information.
  • Ambassador's Profile published on Boren Newsletter and Website: Ambassadors and IIE staff will work together to create individual Ambassador Profiles for the Boren Newsletter and Website.

December 2015 - April 2016

  • Boren Forum Alumni Engagement (TBD): The Boren Forum alumni association may be interacting with Boren Ambassadors in the spring.
  • Off-Season Conference Attendance and Presentations (Optional): IIE staff may have opportunities for Ambassadors to present at local conferences.

May - July 2016

  • Boren Ambassador Program Assessment and Debrief: IIE Staff and Ambassadors will assess the program and activities of the previous year in preparation for the new Ambassador program year.
  • Boren Ambassadors Interview and Train New Ambassadors: Ambassadors may be utilized in interviewing and training new Ambassadors.
  • Mentor New Boren Ambassadors (Optional): Ambassadors have the option of mentoring the new Ambassadors.

Participation in activities is decided at an individual level according to Ambassador availability in consultation with IIE staff.

2015  Boren Ambassadors

The inaugural class of Boren Ambassadors have been trained to provide presentations and promotional outreach to those interested in learning more about the Boren Ambassador Program. To learn more about the Ambassadors please visit this link.


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