2017 Boren Scholarship Post-Program Requirements Checklist

Upon the completion of the overseas Boren funded period, all Boren Scholars are required to fulfill certain requirements in order to receive their final payment.  These requirements are due within 30 days of the overseas program end date, otherwise the final disbursement will be forfeit.

Post-Program Checklist

Due within 30 days of the overseas program end date:

Final Report:  Download report in PDF or  Fillable Word

Language post-test:

In order to make the process easier for students LTI can conduct language tests by cell phone and Skype phone, although landline connections are still recommended to ensure quality service.  LTI will report your test results to IIE directly approximately two weeks after the test is administered.

If you are a Flagship or AFLI participant you may be tested by your overseas program.

Verify your NSEPnet account information: As a Boren Scholar, you have agreed to fulfill a service requirement with the federal government.  As part of this opportunity, you are required to log on to NSEPnet, an on-line resume database, to verify your personal information before departing for your study abroad program. You will be sent an email with your username and password once your personal information has been uploaded into the system. Twelve (12) months prior to your expected graduation date, you must post and activate your resume on NSEPnet. For further information on the service requirement, see The NSEP Service Agreement for Scholarship and Fellowship Awards and the NSEP Terms and Conditions.

  1. To Log On 
    1. Log onto NSEPnet at http://www.nsepnet.org/
    2. Enter your NSEPnet username and password.  Click “LOGIN.
    3. The first time you log in, you will be asked to change your password.
  2. To Verify Personal Information - You are required to verify your personal information (including: address, phone, and e-mail) in order to receive your final scholarship disbursement.
    1. Log on, per instructions in section I. 
    2. Click “Resume Builder” tab.
    3. Select “General Information”
    4. Make any corrections to your general information.  At this time, it is only necessary to make corrections to your permanent and present information (including: address, phone, and e-mail).
    5. Click “Update” to save your information on each page and “Next” to move through the screens.
    6. Put a check in the box after “I have verified the basic data listed above” by clicking in the box and then click “Submit.”
  3. To Enter and Activate Resume Information - You are required to enter and activate your resume at least twelve (12) months prior to anticipated graduation. If you will be on your overseas program 12 months prior to your graduation, you should activate your resume prior to your departure or after returning to the U.S. You should not access NSEPnet while overseas.
    1. Log on, per instructions in section I.
    2. Click “Resume Builder” tab.”
    3. Select “General Information”, make any additions/corrections, click “Submit General Information”
    4. Select “Education Information”, make any additions/corrections, click “Submit Education Information”
    5. Select “Experience Information”, make any additions/corrections, click “Submit Experience Information”
    6. To view your resume, click “View Resume” under the “Resume Builder” tab.
    7. Review resume for accuracy and make any changes by following the steps above.
    8. If your resume is complete and free of technical errors, you can click “Yes” at the bottom of the page.  If there are changes you need to make, click “No” and you will be directed back to the Resume Builder.  You can also print your resume by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

      Note: You should update your resume frequently after activation.

  4. To Update Job Search History Log - To be considered for a full and good faith effort, you must document all job search activities
    1. Log on, per instructions in section I.
    2. Click “Record Job Search” under the “Job Search” tab.
    3. Follow instructions given to add a job application or make general comments about your job search efforts.
    4. You can view your Job Search History by clicking “View Complete History” on your Homepage or by clicking the “Record Job Search” tab.

If you have questions regarding NSEPnet, email: nsep@nsep.gov.

All of the above requirements are due within 30 days of your overseas program end date. Failure to complete these requirements in a timely manner may result in the forfeiture of your final disbursement.

Please contact your Boren regional advisor if you have any questions.