13. Should I choose an alternate study abroad program and must it be in the same country as my primary program?

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Choosing an alternate study abroad program is optional. However, because Boren Scholarships may be used only for study abroad programs listed as either the primary or alternate option on the application, except in extraordinary cases, you may find it to be useful. Selecting an alternate program provides you with an option in the event that you are not accepted into your primary program, your primary program is already full, or your primary program is cancelled. Your alternate program should be in the same country as the primary program, but if there is no alternate in that country, you can select another country in the same region as long as your language of study remains the same. The Boren Scholarship is designed for students who are serious about study of a particular region and language. Proposing to study another language or in another area of the world is often interpreted as a lack of serious focus by the review panelists.