David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Fellow Receives Recognition for Photo
Mar 26, 2010

The Institute of International Education has announced the winners of their first annual photo contest.  Donna Tonini, a 2008 Boren Fellow, received Honorable Mention.  While earning her Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University, Donna received a Boren Fellowship to study Swahili and conduct dissertation research.  Her research involved examining factors related to the decline in enrollment between primary and secondary...
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UConn Profiles Army Veteran & Boren Scholar
Mar 15, 2010

Joel Angle joined the Army in 2002 and, when he was sent to Iraq, he had a soldier’s perspective on the country, seeing things through what he describes as a "combat mission lens."  He had little contact with Iraqis and little knowledge about the culture or people of the Middle East. Now 26, the native Californian has just begun his first job after graduating from the University of Connecticut with a political science degree.  H...
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"Desire to Learn Russian Heating Up Again"
Mar 1, 2010

Last year, over 8% of Boren Scholarship and Fellowship recipients were studying Russian.  While some of those students were just beginning their study of the language, others were building on years of language study at the college and, in some cases, the high school level.  According to today's article in The Washington Post , that number may be on the rise.  The number of Russian programs in high schools, which had been shrinking...
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