David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Post-War Challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Apr 16, 2014

Jessica Kuntz, an MPA student at the University of Pittsburgh, is currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a Boren Fellowship. While in country, Jessica’s primary focus has been learning Bosnian, which she started studying when she was a Fulbright recipient in Zagreb. In addition to enhancing her language, Jessica has interned with the local United Nations Development Programme office, gaining valuable insight into the post-war chall...
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Fellowship Leads to Fluency
Apr 11, 2014

Ryan Donaghy, a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Los Angeles and former Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, received a Boren Fellowship to Turkey.  Ryan’s primary goal has been to achieve fluency in Turkish and, according to Ryan, “As a result of the Boren Fellowship, I can confidently say that I have reached full professional proficiency in Turkish; I can read the newspaper, I can watch TV and listen to the radi...
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Fellow Advances in Farsi, Russian, and Tajik
Apr 8, 2014

Tye Sundlee, a 2013 Boren Fellow and current MBA student at Georgetown University, is studying Farsi and Tajik in Dushanbe, Tajikistan while also researching issues related to small businesses in Central Asia.  During the fall, he volunteered at FINCA, a leading international microfinance organization. In an interview by Chase Stoudenmire, Tye shares that “Relationships, language skills, and cultural awareness are undoubtedly my ...
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Language Study, Research, and Internship in Serbia
Apr 3, 2014

Jaime Cordes, an MA student in Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University, received a Boren Fellowship to study in Belgrade, Serbia.  While there, she is studying the Serbian language, researching the role of youth in the development of Serbian civil society, and interning with a local NGO focused on nonviolent activism. In an interview by Chase Stoudenmire, Jaime shares why she chose to study in Serbia, what she would...
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Arabic & Analysis
Mar 28, 2014

Justen Silva advanced five levels in his Arabic proficiency during his 2013 Boren Scholarship to Jordan.  As part of his overseas program, he signed a language pledge promising to speak only Arabic with absolutely no English. Justen remembers that at first, communicating was very difficult, however as time progressed, speaking only in Arabic became easier and he could discuss many different topics with his peers.   Justen, who is cu...
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