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As campus representative, your role is to recruit applicants and publicize the program, advise students, and manage the application process.  View detailed information on the role of the Boren Scholarship campus representative and the Boren Fellowship campus representative.

We appreciate your efforts and hope that you will utilize the following resources.  In addition, if you would like someone from the Boren Awards to visit your campus to discuss the program with students, faculty members, and administrators, please contact us at boren@iie.org.  We will consider each request, although we may not be able to honor each of them.



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  • Sample listserv announcements for on-campus sessions
  • Printer-friendly flyers for on-campus information sessions - Boren Awards, Boren Scholarships, Boren Fellowships
  • List of current Scholars and Fellows
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  • Service Examples - examples of Boren Scholars and Fellows completing their NSEP service requirements
  • Institutional Travel Warning Form - Several of the preferred countries for the Boren Scholarship are under U.S. State Department Travel Warnings. The Boren Scholarship requires that an appropriate representative at the student’s home institution sign the institutional travel warning form. Students are also asked to sign a waiver stating that they have read and understand the travel warning. Scholars who do not have both signed documents will not receive funding from the Boren Scholarship for study in a country with a travel warning. This form is not required until award decisions have been made in May.
Boren Scholar, Jordan
2012 Fellow, Egypt
Click above to view: Global Education in the 21st Century: A National Imperative
Click above to view: Global Education in the 21st Century: A National Imperative
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Click above to view: Global Education in the 21st Century: A National Imperative