David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Scholarship Application Instructions - Split Programs

Applicants who plan to study abroad on two consecutive, but different, study abroad programs, should:
  • Select the correct term for the full duration of your overseas study. If the total time studying overseas is shorter than 6 months, select Fall or Spring. If your total program duration is longer than 6 months select Year. Please note that breaks between programs do not count toward meeting the 6 month duration for the year term. If you already chose the incorrect term, please email boren@iie.org to request a change. There is no need to start a new application.
  • Plan on studying the same language for the entire period overseas.
  • In the Proposed Programs section F
    • Answer “yes” for the first question: Are you planning on participating in multiple study abroad programs?
    • For the Preferred Study Abroad Program Sponsor and Preferred Study Abroad Program Name questions, enter the information for the study abroad program that is longer. If the programs are of equal length, use the first program. 
    • For the Overseas Institution(s) question, list both overseas institutions. This is the only place in this section where you will put any information regarding your second program.  Applicants will not be eligible to receive funding to study at institutions not stated in this field (unless otherwise granted permission by IIE). 
    • For Program Start Date, put the start date of your first program.
    • For Program End Date, put the end date of your last program.
    • Under Estimated Costs, put the combined costs for both programs for each line item. 
    • DO NOT use the alternate study abroad section to detail your second program. If you intend to do two different study abroad programs, they are both considered part of your preferred program.
  • In Statement of Purpose – Part II, you should describe both study abroad programs as well as the alternate program(s), if applicable.
2012 Scholar, Jordan