David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Scholarship Study Abroad Options

The Boren Scholarship classifies all study abroad programs as falling within the following six categories:

  • U.S. Institution with Its Own Program: This option is open to all applicants. Many study abroad programs are run directly by American post-secondary institutions. Many students enroll in programs run by their own or another university. Example: Sponsor: State University; Program Name: State University in Prague.
  • U.S. College/University Consortium Program: This option is open to all applicants. Some U.S. institutions work collaboratively to offer programs for students attending a number of different colleges or universities. Example: Sponsor: Consortium of Southern Colleges; Program Name: Language and Culture Program at Moscow State University.
  • Study Abroad Organization: This option is open to all applicants. Study abroad organizations are independent organizations providing programs for students interested in particular fields of study and countries. Example: Sponsor: Study Abroad Organization; Program Name: Yunnan Province, Language and Cultures.
  • Foreign University with Its Own Program: This option is open to all applicants. Many foreign universities have established programs for international students. If the foreign university has a special program structure in place for foreign students, IIE does not consider the program to be direct enrollment (see option entitled, Individually Arranged Study), and does not require accompanying letters of support. Example: Sponsor: American University of Cairo; Program Name: Arabic Language Unit.
  • The Language Flagship Program: This option is open to students who are currently enrolled in The Language Flagship undergraduate programs.  Interested applicants should review The Language Flagship section of this website for more information. Example: Sponsor: The Language Flagship, Program Name: The Language Flagship in China.
  • Individually Arranged Study: This option is available only to juniors and seniors. Applications involving direct foreign university enrollment or individually arranged supervised study will be judged on their feasibility and on each student's ability to succeed in the proposed situation. Both options require letters of support from both the home and foreign institution to supplement the Boren Scholarship application. There are two types of individually arranged study.
    • Direct enrollment in a foreign institution: Some students are interested in direct enrollment at universities that do not have programs in place to support foreign students. If you are interested in this option, you should thoroughly investigate all foreign university and language requirements to make sure that this is a viable option for you.  Example: Sponsor: Harbin Normal University; Program Name: Direct Enrollment. You may need to call IIE at 1-800-618-6737 to have the direct enrollment option added to the application drop-down menu.
    • Individually arranged supervised study: Advanced students with strong language skills are eligible to apply for NSEP funding to cover individual study projects abroad. The students should formulate their proposals in conjunction with both an academic advisor at their home campus and at least one university professor at the foreign institution. IIE anticipates that few scholarships for individually arranged study will be granted. Example: Sponsor: National Taiwan University; Program Name: Genotypes of the Hepatitis B Virus in Taiwan. Alternatively, you can select the name of your home institution as the sponsor and designate your program name as "Independent Study." Example: Sponsor: State University; Program Name: Independent Study. You will need to call IIE at 1-800-618-6737 to have the name of your independent study added to the application drop-down menu.