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Boren Scholarship Application Instructions

2012 Scholar, Mozambique

Starting an Application

  • Proceed to the online application login and click on “Register New User.”
  • After you enter your email address and a password, the system will email you a verification code. You will need to check your email for the verification code.
  • After entering the verification code, use your userID and password to sign in.

Application System Tips

  • The Boren Scholarship application includes six sections, as well as a letter of recommendation section.
  • To view the entire application in order, click "next"through the buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • You may only use the right navigation to skip from section to section once you have saved at least one field on the section. Therefore, you may find it in your interest to do so, even if you need to change your response later.
  • The application will save whenever you click either “next” or “save.”

Application Sections

Eligibility and Basic Information - You must respond to the first 4 questions in order to proceed with the application.

  • U.S. citizens - Only U.S. citizens are eligible for the scholarship.
  • I will be a matriculated undergraduate student at a U.S. institution as of the Boren Scholarship application deadline – Only matriculated students are eligible.
  • Proposed Country of Study – Choose a country of study at this time. You may always return to change it.
  • Current Institution – Choose your current U.S. institution. Should that change before the application deadline, you may change it later.
  • Name – Enter your complete and legal name.
  • Current Address – Enter your complete current address and phone number.
  • Permanent Address – Enter the address and phone number where you can be reached when you are not at college.
  • Email Address – Enter the email where you would like Boren to contact you.
  • Date of Birth
  • Congressional Voting State – Enter the state where you are registered to vote and/or would vote should there be an election.
  • Congressional Voting District – See www.house.gov, if you do not know.
  • Gender – This question is voluntary. Leaving this question blank will not affect your application.
  • Race/Ethnic Origin – This question is voluntary. Leaving this question blank will not affect your application.

Educational Background

  • Current Institution Name – This will autopopulate. Should you need to change it, return to “eligibility and basic information?” 
  • Current Academic Status – Please choose your year in school. Date Attended From. 
  • Expected Degree Date – Should you win the scholarship, your degree date must be after the completion of the Boren-funded program. 
  • Major – Choose the major closest to your own. 
  • Double Major – Choose, if relevant. 
  • Minor – Choose, if relevant 
  • GPA – As defined by your institution.  
  • Maximum GPA – As defined by your institution. 
  • Transcript Upload – You must include a valid transcript for your current institution. You may upload your transcript before submission or your campus representative may do so after you submit the application. In both cases it must be before the national application deadline. 
  • Boren Scholarship Campus Representative – Click the blue icons to the right of these fields to see the name and contact information for your campus representative.  
  • Previous Institutions – You may list up to two previous colleges or universities where you have pursued or obtained a degree. If you have attended additional institutions, list the two with the most coursework. All fields are the same as those for the current institution.

Overseas Experience/Relevant Activities/Awards

  • Previous Overseas Experience – Enter up to three countries where you have lived, traveled, or studied. Should you have more than three, enter the most relevant. Should you have no previous experience, choose zero. 
  • Relevant Employment History – Enter up to three relevant jobs. If you do not have relevant employment experience, choose zero.  
  • Relevant Activities – Enter up to three relevant activities. If you do not have any, choose zero. 
  • Honors and Awards – Enter up to five relevant honors or awards. If you do not have any, choose zero.

Study Abroad Program and Budget

  • Are you planning on participating in separate study abroad programs? – If the program sponsor and overseas institution are the same each term, answer no. If either differs, answer yes. You are expected to remain in the same country for the full program.  
  • Study Abroad Country – This is auto populated from “eligibility and basic information.” Should you need to change it, return to that section. 
  • Preferred Study Abroad Program Sponsor – Choose the program sponsor by clicking the blue bars to the right. If your sponsor is not listed, email boren@iie.org with a link to the website of the program. 
  • Preferred Study Abroad Program Name – Most study abroad programs have a specific title. Enter it here. If there is not a name, simply re-enter the name of the sponsor. 
  • Preferred Overseas Institution – Choose the overseas institution location of your study abroad program. If the institution is not listed, email boren@iie.org with a link to the website of the program. 
  • Study Abroad Program Description – Upload a one page description of the study abroad program. It may be a page from the program’s website or a photo copy of part of a program brochure. If you have two programs, upload both descriptions here. 
  • Overseas Program Start Date – May not be earlier than June 1. If you do not know the exact date, enter an approximate date based on the past year’s information.  
  • Overseas Program End Date – If you do not know the exact date, enter an approximate date based on the past year’s information. 
  • Language – The language of study should be appropriate for the study abroad country.
  • Note: If you are currently a student in The Language Flagship, or if you are planning to participate in the African Flagship Languages Initiative or South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative, you will be asked to identify yourself in the application
  • Study Abroad Program II – If you have an additional study abroad program, complete the information. This program must be in the same country/language as the first program and the two programs must be consecutive.  
  • Alternate Study Abroad Program – If you have an alternate study abroad program, complete the information here. 
  • Budget – Provide an estimated budget based on the costs of your study abroad program. If the study abroad program literature only provides a single cost figure, please contact the study abroad program directly for a list of costs. If you have multiple programs, combine the costs here. For further guidelines please see the Budget Guidelines page.

Language Self-Assessment

  • Native Language – Choose your native language.  
  • Primary Language for Boren Award – This will auto popoulate from the study abroad program section. 
  • Numbers of years studied or spoken – Enter the number of years you have studied or spoken the Boren language. 
  • Evaluate your language ability in five modalities. See the language self-assessment guide for an explanation of the drop-down.  
  • Complete the same information for up to four additional languages you have studied or spoken. 

Career Plans

  • Career Plans – Choose your career plans upon finishing your education. 
  • List any descriptive information about the previous response.  
  • Have you applied to other scholarships or fellowship for your overseas study? - If so, list up to 5. The answer to this question does not impact your Boren application review. 
  • How did you learn about the Boren Awards? – Choose the most relevant answer. 
  • Have you participated in, or been awarded, one of the following Defense Language and National Security Education Office Initiatives – Check the box if so.  
  • Are you a veteran of the U.S. armed services – Choose yes or no.
  • Have you participated in ROTC – Choose yes or no. If you have, you will be asked if you are currently in ROTC. 


  • The application includes two essays, each of which is a maximum of 800 words. Click here for more information about the essays.

Letters of Recommendation

  • The Boren Scholarship application requires two letters of recommendation. In addition, you may include an optional third letter, as well as a recommender for the optional language proficiency form.
  • Click here for more information about the letters of recommendation and here for more information about the language proficiency form.  
  • You will automatically see two spaces to enter your required recommenders. As soon as you click “save” your recommender will get an automatically generated email from the system, so we recommend that you talk to him/her before doing so.
  • To enter a recommender for a third, optional letter click “add an optional recommendation.”
  • To enter a recommender for the language proficiency form, click “add an optional recommendation” twice and make sure you enter that recommender’s information where it says recommendation type “language proficiency.”
    • While adding a language proficiency recommendation means you will also see fields for the optional third recommender, you are not required to complete those fields (although you may).
    • The language proficiency form DOES NOT count as one of your required recommendations. 
  • At any point, you may login to the system to see if the letters and language proficiency form are submitted. In addition, you may click on the envelope icon if you need to send your recommender his or her login information again.

Submission Agreement

  • After you have completed all required fields, you will be able to move to the submission agreement. Please read and agree to the statement by clicking the box. In order to actually submit the application.

Review Application

  • This right side navigation allows you to see what fields are missing or blank.

Application Summary

  • This right side navigation allows you to view all parts of the application that you have entered, with the exception of the letters of reference. 

Submit Application

  • When your application is complete, click on “submit application.”