David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Fellowship Domestic Funding

2012 Fellow, Romania
The Boren Fellowship offers limited funding for domestic language study that will supplement the overseas component. No more than $12,000 will be awarded for domestic study.
  • For applicants in most fields of study, domestic funding is limited to summer intensive language study.  This funding is limited to the summer immediately before the applicant’s proposed program overseas.
  • Applicants in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields may apply for domestic language funding during the summer and/or academic year.  This funding is limited to the summer immediately before the applicant’s proposed program overseas.
All applicants requesting domestic funding must complete the domestic budget section of the online application.  All funding requests must be specific and itemized, and must indicate the institution at which each class will be taken.
  • Applicants may receive domestic funding for study at their own institution or other domestic academic institutions.
  • Domestic funding must be for the primary language the applicant plans to study while overseas.
  • Domestic funding for tutors, commercial services, and/or self-study guides will not be provided. 
  • Domestic funding is for language classes only.  Boren will not fund other academic coursework, internships, or research conducted in the U.S.
  • Applicants planning on taking language classes at their home university or in their local area are eligible to receive funding for tuition and fees only. Applicants planning domestic summer intensive language study in a different geographic area will also be eligible for room and board funding. The Boren Fellowship does not cover travel or relocation expenses associated with domestic funding.